• Brand Introduction
    Welly Merck is a watch brand that advocates original design, usingfashionable timepieces as a platform to explore and rejuvenate the culturalexpression of fashion.
    The brand collaborates with numerous popular international and trend-setting artists, leveraging boundless imagination to createmany unique and stylish watch models.Our products cover men's watches, women's watches, and couple watches, with a global customer base.
  • Brand Concept
    Welly Merck advocates for the younger generation to not be constrained by external labels, strive to break through self-limitations, actively explore more possibilities in life, enjoy the freedom of the present moment, and encounter a better version of themselves.
  • What the Logo Represents
    The brand color of Welly Merck is black and blue.
    Black absorbs all colors of light, representing inclusiveness and fashion.
    Blue derives from the aurora, representing boundless romance, limitless possibilities, and endless time. It is the core representative color of the Welly Merck brand.
  • The WellyMerck men's watches are primarily designed with a trendy and cool style, offering a diverse selection of fashionable wristwatch accessories for young people. They integrate with the cultures that young people love, breaking the age barrier of traditional mechanical watches, and exploring more youthful watch designs.
  • The WellyMerck women's watches are primarily designed with a delicate and elegant style, where the designers aim to showcase the unique radiance of every woman, encouraging each and every female to embrace their own distinctive and fulfilling life. Different styles, yet all equally splendid.
brand event
  • 2015
    WellyMerck SARL founded the WellyMerck brand.
  • 2018年-
    Entering the Chinese market, Welly Merck Industries (Shenzhen) has been appointed as the sole agent, responsible for the operational promotion of Welly Merck in China. The Welly Merck brand has established itself on various e-commerce platforms, opened multiple offline stores, and achieved a certain level of market recognition.
  • July 2022
    Launching the Welly Merck Dunhuang Theme Series Watches.
  • October 2022
    Launching the Welly Merck Chinese Mahjong Fortune Series Watches.
  • February 2024
    Launching the Welly Merck Chinese Kung Fu Series Mechanical Watches
  • March 2024
    Launching the Welly Merck Planet Series Mechanical Watches.