Welly Merck Speed and Aerolite Series

20/04/2020 11:00

Welly Merck men's watch has ushered in two new series, Aerolite series, and Speed series. Welly Merck designed the Speed series inspired by sports cars and designed the Aerolite series, inspired by meteorites.

The Speed series embellishes the tire texture to the dial, paired with the arrow feather scales, just like knights that people are dreaming to be. The hollow dial of the Aerolite series is the carrier. The aurora blue and the dial hands are ingeniously combined, showing the shape of the meteorite patterns and the unique textures.

These two series of watches are double-sided hollow machinery, visual trajectory, exquisite touch, full of charm. From the upper surface of the watch, you can see the movement working. No matter you wear which of them, you can fully express your fashionable trend attitude and style.

In addition, they all adopt the design of luminous watch pointers, and their hour hands and minute hands emit blue-green light when the surrounding is dark. Even in the dark night, you can read the current time clearly. The watch still shows its presence in the dark.

The mechanical watches of these two series are very different from the previous mechanical watches of Welly Merck. They make people feel the mechanical sense more directly from the surface. We believe this particular concept will attract people's attention and gain people's love.

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