Winter Deco

18/01/2019 10:00

When the weather gets colder and colder, the first snow coming and covering the ground and trees, we know, winter has come quietly to our lives. Of course, winter is the best time for sleep, but chatting with friends around the fireplace is also a good choice. Just image, being in a warm room, with delicate pastries and hot tea on hand, hearing soothing music and laughters of friends. What a leisurely afternoon, isn't that attractive?

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When it comes to winter, the first color we think of is white -- the color of snow. Then here comes the problem, how should we dress up when we are out in a snowy world? Maybe try those colors similar to white, like light gray or pale pink, then no one can find you when playing hide and seek.

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Without doubt you can also try some colorful clothes like red or yellow if you want to stand out against a white background, then there are plenty of possibilities -- red hat, yellow coat, or even orange boots.

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Each season has its own character and charm, do find a perfect match between your style and climate. What’s more, it's important to keep warm, let’s enjoy the appealing nature changes with fashionable but warm outfits!

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