Why The Welly Merck Is Founded

18/07/2017 18:05

Fashion reflects the popular styles of today and guides the trends of tomorrow, it allows an individual to express the type of person he or she is. Even someone who disregards fashion inevitably impressed by the individual style, personal style speaks volumes about who you are, and whether it is expressed through a haircut or dress, a handbag or wristwatch – what you wear, how you wear it and why relays a lot of information about your personality.

Nowadays interchangeable strap watches become a fashion and received by a large number of people. Watch with interchangeable strap shows the personal unique lifestyle by changing a variety of styles. Inspired by desire, conceived with passion, and born with quality, WellyMerck is an innovative brand represents a modern union of quality and fashion. Aiming at create a fashionable and cool lifestyle, founded in 2015, WellyMerck is a contemporary watch brand dedicated to making luxury watches affordable for almost everyone.

Welly Merck was established in 2015 by American boy Merck and a girl Welly from traditional watch-making family, the two met first time during a trip in Italy and soon fell in love, unfortunately, they had to travel back after the trip. However their affection and passion continued though in distance and departure. Distance and differences didn’t fade their hope on plan for future.

Though suffered a lot, they overcame various difficulties with the blessing of friends and relatives, Merck came to Switzerland and finally married his beloved girl Welly. To memorize their own love story, the two created their own watch brand ''Welly Merck'' after their marriage.
There are three kinds of WellyMerck watches: Mesh strap, Leather strap, Nylon strap. Welly and Merck hope that everyone who owns a 'Welly Merck' watch can appreciate the love and make it last. Welly Merck watches are more than just a watch, they are testament to our passion and commitment.

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