Welly Merck Source Series

20/08/2020 11:00

Welly Merck released a new series of watches, the source series. Source not only means the source of inspiration, but also the source of life. Once this watch was launched, it was loved by many customers.

The Source series watches maintain the minimalism advocated by Welly Merck, but they are simple without losing their individuality. The bar scales on the dial are matched with slender hands, which will carry on purely to the end. In addition, this watch is designed with a butterfly buckle, which improves wearing comfort from the details.

Mechanical charm is irresistible. Mechanical watch movements are more sophisticated. In the era of electronic technology and timekeeping, mechanical watches embody people's pursuit of mechanical beauty, a love for the perfect coordination of precision machinery, and a nostalgia for watch cultural traditions. The Source series, with its stylish machinery, is simple but not ordinary, and it is irresistible to people.

Black and blue design, show us the magic of colors. The aurora blue embellishment adds visual focus to the cool black pure color dial. There are more styles to choose from, you can easily hold the trendy, cool, and fashionable or daily commuting, even the street style is not a problem.

Watches are not only used to watch time. As a kind of accessory, it should be the source of your fashion inspiration and the expression of your attitude towards life.

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