Welly Merck -- Pionner Series

14/10/2018 10:00

Every brand always needs to innovate and keep pace with the times, whether in the initial stage of establishment or in the middle stage of development. The same is true of Welly Merck. After the launch of Fighter Series, many fans spoke highly of the interesting owl design. This praise makes Mr. Merck very happy, but also puts pressure on his design of next series, how can he continue to design a watch, both creative and fashionable?

Welly Merck Customized Watch

During the whole process of design, Mr. Merck denied lots of great ideas, thinking that all the designs did not express the characteristics of young people. In his view, young people of this present age, brave and adventurous, full of hope for the future, always want to make a breakthrough in new field. Then Pioneer Series was born.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

Feeling young people's passion and enthusiasm, in countless days and nights of hard work, Mr. Merck created this European-style double half elliptical arc design, meaning that young people are not content with mediocracy, eager to express personality and break through self. As for color match, Pioneer Series still uses the classic black and blue design, elegant temperament with free style.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

Stand out, wearing a Welly Merck Pioneer watch, be different from others.

Welly Merck Pioneer Washington BBL watches

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