Welly Merck Innovator Series

15/06/2020 11:00

Brands need to innovate in development and keep pace with the times. The same is true of Welly Merck. Feeling the enthusiasm and energy of young people in this era for innovation, the Innovator series was launched.

This is a mechanical watch, the dial is widely used to display the calendar and kinetic energy. In terms of overall color matching, the Innovator series still features a classic black and blue design, cool temperament and a free style.

The Innovator collection brings a new visual enjoyment to everyone, and its design strudes the style of the past, and is large enough to make everyone feel the designer's commitment to innovation and sincerity.

The watch still appeals to friends who have followed our brand, as well as new friends who like mechanical watches and special dials. The pursuit of brand innovation is the meaning, through new ideas, new styles, new design, so that the brand and more people make friends, so that more people know. Welly Merck will insist on doing so.

Although the pace of modern life is always too fast, Welly Merck will not forget its belief in innovation, and in the future we will continue to explore more of the beauty of innovation.

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