Welly Merck -- Explorer Series

15/11/2018 10:00

Under the leadership of Mr. Merck, Welly Merck devotes itself not only to provide high quality customer service, maintaining old customers, but also to innovate constantly new products, attracting new customers. This time, Mr. Merck and his team spent countless efforts in developing the first Welly Merck mechanical watch -- Explorer Series.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

Explorer Series is the perfect display of Welly Merck's ingenuity, which symbolizes its pursuit of craftsmanship and classical aesthetics, and shows its spirit of unceasing innovation and exploration. Arc design surface, excellent Swiss movement, exquisite mesh strap, delicate leather strap, all these components make Explorer Series extremely elegant and durable.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

There are two reasons that can explain why many people like mechanical watch, on the one hand, its wearing texture is better, on the other hand, we can appreciate the beauty of the operation of movement. In order to show clearly the rhythm of the movement, Mr. Merck chose the hollowed-out design, so wearers can enjoy this wonderful beauty at all times.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

As a fashionable brand that is always ready to innovate, Welly Merck hopes this Explorer Series can not only tell people how precious time is, but also highlight its understanding of life and fashion. Whoever wears this watch, carrying out the preciseness and self-discipline of mechanical movement, just break the comfort zone and explore new directions. Go, go, go!

Welly Merck Explorer Barcelona RWB watches

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