Welly Merck -- Classic Series

28/09/2018 10:00

Every brand has its inner spirit, and each series of the products has its meaning. So is Welly Merck. We own the unique brand story and corporate culture and we hope it is not something that stays in the imagination, but the brand identity that is deeply rooted among the customers. So we would like to share the stories and meanings behind each series, making more people have a profound understanding of Welly Merck. First of all, let's begin with Classic Series.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

Welly Merck was founded on the true story of Merck and Welly, lovers who pursued happiness by facing adversity and overcoming it. In order to pass on the spirit of pursuing happiness bravely to more young people, Mr. Merck and his designers have tried a lot, and finally Classic Series was born.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

The design of Classic inherits the existing European style, innovatively adopting the 4 o’clock position crown. What's more, Mr. Merck chooses the mysterious black surface, matching the two hands simple design of robin blue, which signifies "Happiness". The whole design and color match, noble and elegant, but without losing the beauty of simplicity.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

Mr. Merck insists on both aesthetics and quality. Each Welly Merck watch has to go through at least 14 production processes, and each process has its strict quality inspection rules, making sure that Swiss movement and sapphire glass are both in the best condition.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

Above all, with various nylon, mesh and leather straps that can be replaced without any tools, every wearer of Welly Merck watches can change their daily style easily, making the most of imagination, or stable, or elegant, or dynamic. Isn't it very tempting? Go to the official website and have a look.

Welly Merck Classic Washington BBL watches

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