Welly Merck Artemis Series

20/05/2020 11:00

Striving for innovation is the vitality of a brand. Welly Merck has once again brought a new watch to the customers-Artemis Series. Women wear a lot of jewelry, so now the women's watch style design sense, fashion sense more intense, began to slowly evolve from a simple tool to an elegant and decent jewelry.

The Artemis Series dial can display not only the time, but also the calendar and week. In addition, the dial also has an elaborate and cute little design, which is the moon phase. The middle of the crescent moon is inlaid with the sun, which fills the entire watch with energy and makes people who see it feel delighted.

The simple color matching of the watch is quiet and graceful, exquisite and concise. It doesn't need too many brilliant colors and adds softness and grace. It has the gentle and delicate characteristics of traditional ladies' watches, but also combines the trend of simple style that is popular now.

Adhering to the concept that Welly Merck has always insisted on, Artemis Series is still a watch suitable for many social occasions. Whether it is daily commuting, outdoor play, or attending a meeting, attending a party, wearing this watch is a good choice. It can embellish your outfit and also attract people's attention.

There is no doubt that Artemis Series is an excellent watch that is popular among young people. Let's look forward to Welly Merck continuing to produce better watches.

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