We -- An Eternal Theme

30/11/2018 10:00

When we are together, there is always something to talk about, and it's not embarrassing, even if we're silent. This unspoken understanding is like a good agreement already made, two people together, that is the best situation. Time is always behind us, but love is always here, we -- an eternal theme.

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We, two similar individuals, similar experience, feel the surprise and joy brought by life together, and always cherish the eternal relationship. Once we are connected, don't give up easily, because happiness is not an accident, it will accumulate, bit by bit, day by day, year by year.

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We all are ordinary people, living the ordinary life, there may not be too much splendor every day. However, what is happiness? It is the satisfaction of the mundane things accumulated in life. Just like a coin, one side is you, one side is me, we are together, even if the tiniest happiness, it is the greatest happiness.

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When we are one part, there are infinite possibilities in life, we will enjoy the blue sky and white clouds together, and we will also get through the rough times together. Time is love, Welly Merck wishes everyone can find their lover and create their own eternal story in the river of time.

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