Thanksgiving Around The World

22/11/2018 10:00

A harvest festival celebrating communal harmony, Thanksgiving is primarily observed in the United States of America. Marked with immense joviality and merrymaking, the festival witnesses some exceptionally unique and fascinating customs and traditions, eating roast turkey, mashed potato and pumpkin pie, etc, associated with its celebration activities. However, apart from America, there are several other countries that celebrate the harvest, though with different names and in different seasons. Take a look!

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Ancient Greece
An autumn festival held for three days, known as Thesmosphoria, is celebrated by the Greeks to honor Goddess Demeter, the deity of food grains. Since the festival falls around the harvest season, the specialties of the table include first fruits of the season, plump pigs, seed corn delicacies, and yummy cakes.

A festival similar to Thanksgiving Day in China is Mid-Autumn Festival, is celebrated on the full moon day of the eighth Chinese month, since the Chinese believe the day to be the birthday of the moon. The specialty of this festival is its round and yellow 'mooncakes', with all kinds of delicious fillings. And the whole family will get together this day, appreciating the glorious full moon and recounting their happy stories.

The harvest festival of Jews is celebrated as 'Sukkoth', for more than 3000 years, this autumn festival, also called 'Hag ha Succot' or 'The Feast of the Tabernacles'. This eight-day long festival is observed to remind people of the innumerable hardships and sufferings of Moses and his follower Israelites went through while they were wandering in the desert for forty years.

The Spring Harvest festival of Egypt is dedicated to Min, the deity of vegetation and fertility, its activities include a parade headed by the Pharaoh, followed by a gala feast, music, dance, and sports. The most interesting and unique feature of the festival is the mass grief, weeping and howling by the farmers to trick corns into believing that the farmers were grieved to cut them and thus, to prevent revenge.

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Interesting Thanksgiving celebration ideas, to help you enjoy the day in a memorable way. Although not with you now, Welly Merck still has a blessing for you: May your life be blessed with joy, love and miracles.

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