Outfit In This Summer

14/08/2019 11:30

When thinking of summer, people may draw pictures of it in their minds. For example, ice-cream, soda water, sunlight, beach, seaside and so on occur to lots of energy people’s minds. Moreover, they would like to go on vacation in summer.

Taking nice photos during vacation and then post them on social media application become a necessary behavior to nowadays people. With wonderful scenery, joyfulness expression, and the people they love. More importantly, it is the outfit. Outfit is a factor that catches the audience's eyes at their first sight!

A pair of athletic shorts, be it mesh or sweat, is an easy option when the situation is casual. Athleisure is a legitimate fashion cornerstone these days, so don’t feel like they can only be worn with tees and vests. 

Plain light colored shirts are always an easy find, but if you can find plaid that won’t give you a heat stroke, indulge in some patterns. Plain colors are staples for a reason but don’t get boring. These are simple outfits that need something to highlight. 

Ladies love to wear different kinds of dresses in the summer. Some are colorful, some are elegant. That's why we decided to give you some summer outfit inspiration below, ranging from the perfect beach day ensemble and wear a watch,  a way to style shorts without looking too casual. 

Try a comfortable pair of high rise shorts with a classic white t-shirt, a linen blazer, and chic sandal heels for a put-together look. Jeans are flattering, comfortable, and are the perfect base for any warm-weather ensemble. Plus, jeans transition from day to night seamlessly. 

Pair your jeans with cute flats like this embroidered style from Soludos, a great straw bag, and whatever top you like. Your perfect summer outfit just came together. The breathable fabric will keep you cool no matter the temperature, and the timeless style is the perfect fit for any occasion. 

Outfit with ingenuity, like chic or special accessories, always draws people’ s notice. No matter what simple clothes you wear, the highlight point distinguishes you from others. Welly Merck watches can make you so.

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