New Product Offering -- Innovator Series

22/02/2019 10:00

As we all know, every advancement of extraordinary eras comes from the innovators who are devoted to seeking the culmination of human achievement. Innovation has always been the foundation of Welly Merck development, this time we launched Innovator Series, not only bringing new visual enjoyment to everyone, but also paying homage to our great predecessors.

In order to create a magnificent scene of infinitely vast nature, Innovator Series absorbs the gorgeous aurora and white clouds into the dial. This design is aimed to remind people of the natural beauty that is overlooked by busy lives. What is more, in the exterior appearance, Innovator Series still chooses round dial, decorating with classical two-hand design and gold or silver Roman numeral scale.

Although life is busy, sometimes we need to slow down and spend a moment appreciating the beauty of nature, immersing ourselves in it, maybe getting inspired in serenity. As for Welly Merck, we will hold the belief of innovation, continuing to dig more beauty of nature for our customers in the future.

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