Fancy Halloween

31/10/2018 10:00

Today is a big day, though many people think it is an American festival, Halloween still attracts more and more attention to its celebration and revelry all over the world. So in such a festive atmosphere, whether you're a man or woman, how to celebrate and how to choose your own fancy costume are big issues that matter. So are you ready? Let's share our Halloween's ideas together.

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As we all know, the pumpkin has became the symbol of Halloween. Before the festival, you can see the pumpkin theme activities everywhere, especially in those large farms, where people can pick their own pumpkin and carve, ride a pony, lunge down a slide, even walk around a corn maze, etc. Sounds interesting, isn't it?

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As for the Halloween costume party at night, it is time to use your imagination. Maybe you want to play an evil witch in a large cape, wearing a pointy black hat; maybe you want to play a gentleman, wearing a Welly Merck watch to show your charm; maybe you just want to be a naughty kid, playing "trick or treat" all over the street. So what do you look like tonight?

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No more words, let's party together.
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