Customize The Watch For Him

29/05/2018 10:30

Sometimes men demand customized gifts with a personal message. And what better way to reflect your sophisticated sense of style or motion than with one of our customized watches? Providing a personal word or a timeless photo including you and him to be engraved on the back case of the watch, and embark on a styling journey that will satisfy both your unique needs and your healthy sense of adventure.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

The customized watch is not a stuff but also an emotion delivering to him, it can be offered as a gift by carving different patterns or words to celebrate the Friendship or Anniversaries, a customized watch is more than liking a symbol, to attach the feeling on the wrist, anywhere every single moment.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

How to customize the watch for him on our website?

  • First, select the favorite watch

Welly Merck Customized Watch

  • Second, Click the Customization button, fill in the information.

There are three options: Text, Picture + Text, Upload. You can choose the Text option to customize some words on the back case of the watch or upload your own pattern to be engraved, then you can click the “preview” button to have a look at the effect.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

  • Third, after finish the information, Click the Shop Now button, fill in the shipping information.

Not a difficult process and we will also send you the layout to confirm the pattern within 24 business hours after we receive your customization request.

We hope the watch is more appealing with amazing functional aesthetics and not be regarded as a simple watch, it can also be a souvenir of love, friendship, kinship even to remind you a life of freedom and never giving up.

Welly Merck Customized Watch

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