Autumn Deco

07/11/2018 10:00

Autumn is upon us with its cool days and falling leaves. It's time to feel the comfort of the pleasant climate and enjoy the joy of the big harvest. There is nothing better than go for a walk in the park or have a picnic in the meadow. What is more, in such a colorful season, we always have some ingenuity of outfit.

Welly Merck Luxury Fashion Watches

In the summer, we tend to dress a little cooler. However, when autumn comes, the temperature dropping, we will choose a more comfortable outfit, adding some extra accessories to keep warm, like scarf, hat, etc. How to match the color of those accessories with clothes is also a task that matters, a little advice, just remember don't use too many colors to stand out.

Welly Merck Luxury Fashion Watches

Furthermore, in the mind of most people, when comes to autumn, warm colors like yellow or beige will be the first choice, so how to stand out in the crowd, perhaps choosing the bright red is a good idea. As a stylish brand that follows the fashion trend, Welly Merck has launched a red women' watch that can surprise you, special dial design with flamboyant color match, exquisite without losing elegance.

Welly Merck Luxury Fashion Watches

Accessorizing outfit is a fun, but always changing thing in autumn decoration. Use the colors and smells of autumn to create a cozy, welcoming feeling, do you have any imaginative thoughts? Let's share together.

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