About Accuracy

26/01/2019 10:00

Although quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches, many friends who like to wear watches still find such a problem -- after wearing quartz watches for a period of time, there will be small time error, even for those big-name watches. Then here comes the question, what is the reason for quartz watches being inaccurate?

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In fact, small time error is a problem that exists in almost all the watches, as long as the error does not exceed the industry standard, it is a normal phenomenon. But if the time error is beyond the industry standard, then what are the reasons?

1) Insufficient power: if there is small time error for your watch suddenly, it may be caused by insufficient battery energy. You can just send the watch to the maintenance service point to check the power and replace the battery.

2) Being hit: the inner structure of a watch is very tight. If the watch is hit by external force, it may cause damage to internal structure, resulting in time error.

3) Lack of maintenance: the lack of oil in the movement or the aging of internal parts can also cause problems such as inaccurate time. So it is necessary to send the watch to the service point for maintenance service.

4) Near the magnetic field: when the watch is close to a magnetic field, such as TV, mobile phone, or the wearer has a strong human magnetic field, it may also cause small time error after the watch being worn for a long time.

Welly Merck Luxury Fashion Watches

In summary, not all problems of time error are the matter of the quality of watches, sometimes it's just bad contact of inner structure. However, if there is time error of your Welly Merck watch, please feel free to contact us, we will try our best to solve your problems.

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