About Welly Merck

Our Story

American boy Merck, born in a steel artisan family, is passionate for iron craft and travelling.

During a trip in Italy, Merck met a girl named Welly, who is from a traditional watch-making family.

The two fell in love at first sight, unfortunately, they soon had to travel back after the trip. However their affection and passion continued though in distance and departure. Distance and differences didn’t fade their hope on plan for future.

Though suffered a lot, they overcame various difficulties with the blessing of friends and relatives, Merck came to Switzerland and finally married his beloved girl Welly. To memorize their own love story, the two created their own watch brand ''Welly Merck'' after their marriage.

Our Vision

Inspired by desire, conceived with passion, and born with quality. Welly Merck watches represent a modern combination of quality and fashion that makes luxury watches affordable for almost everyone.

Welly and Merck hope that everyone who owns a ''Welly Merck'' watch can appreciate the love and make it last. Welly Merck watches are more than just a watch, they are testament to our passion and commitment.

Where there is Welly Merck, there is love!

Our Products

Two hands design

All the watches are influenced by two hands design that allows for a more elegant watch face, and simplified design.

4 O’clock Position Crown Design

Crown at 4 o’clock position gives a horological comfortable experience when wearing Welly Merck timeless watch. The crown was moved to 4 o'clock to stop it digging into your wrist, and to offer it additional protection (using the side of the case, as well as possibly crown guards) in adverse environments.

Sapphire Crystal Glass

Sapphire Crystal glass manifests customary high quality. Welly Merck watches are designed with sapphire crystal and basically impossible to scratch. The vast majority of modern Swiss watches utilize a sapphire crystal.

Interchangeable High Quality Strap

The Welly Merck watch strap is designed to be changed easily even without a tool, defining a personal unique lifestyle. Having an interchangeable watch strap makes it fun to find new ways to mix and match your collection.

Personal Customization

The elegant Welly Merck watch is more useful with amazing functional aesthetics. It can be customized and offered as a gift by carving one word you want to say to him/her on the back of the watch case.

Our Mission

Inspired by desire, conceived with passion and courage, and born with quality, Welly Merck watches represent a modern combination of quality and fashion that makes luxury watches affordable for almost everyone.

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